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 Alex in upon us, thankful we are not  in the direct path but we are expecting substantial rain and loss of electricity.  So I will be completely offline until the weather clears.  I leave you with some of my favorite  recipes for inspiration for your upcoming celebration’s. I send you love and keep those in Alex’s path in your prayers.

Fruit infused water


Fresh Strawberry Dressing 

Citrus Vinaigrette

Corn Flaked Crusted Fish Fillets with Roasted Tomatillo Sauce and Fried Corn


Strawberry Avocado Salsa


Key Lime Cake with Pepitas


Fresh Orange Yogurt Tart



Till Monday, stay cool…Sweet Life 




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31 Responses to Inspirations….

  1. Gorgeous photos and recipes.
    Was it nice to be offline for a bit though???

    And my fave is the fruit-infused water. Makes water that much more amazing :)

  2. What a beautiful post with VERY artistic and lovely photos. I will have to check to find out where you are located. It must be frightening to be in the path of a hurricane. I cannot imagine. On the prairies in Alberta… we are not on a fault, not near the ocean… and the locusts are long gone.
    I now want some of those recipes…

  3. Sa-li-va-ting!!!
    I love the simplistic approach of the inspiration clusters here. I wish my photos were half as good.

  4. These look so inspiring! They looks so beautiful and delicious…make me wanna cook better and more…

  5. Gorgeous inspirations! Stay safe Bonnie!

  6. Stay safe and dry Bonnie.

    Thanks for reminding me of your key lime cake, I still have to make that ;)

  7. Be safe! Breath taking inspirations :)

    Hugs, Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  8. What bright and beautiful photos, I’m drooling :D

  9. These are beautiful! Hope you stay safe through all of hurricane season!

  10. Great dishes! I love that strawberry avocado salsa! Have a fantastic weekend!

  11. Bonnie…I hope and pray that you and your family fair well through the storm. Have a safe and happy 4th…look forward your future posts.

  12. You always make everything look so pretty! Stay safe!

  13. All the dishes are gorgeous! My prayers go out to those in Alex’s path, too. Stay dry and safe!

  14. Everything looks beautiful! Great pictures!

  15. Be safe and stay dry! I learned about fruit infused water when I was traveling… Come to think of it, it’s a great idea to try again! Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. each and every dishe is truly an inspirational…beautiful pics as usual..happy 4th of july…tk care!

  17. Everything looks great! Beautiful photographs as well!

    Oh I feel your pain. Rainstorms are pretty common over here. Don’t forget to stock up on your batteries for your flashlight and cell and candles if/when the batteries die.

  18. I hope you are able to stay out of harms way. Thanks for the wonderful recipes you’ve left for us to peruse while you are maintaining radio silence. They all look delicious. Take care. Blessings…Mary

  19. Ohhh! Ahhh! I love everything I see here.

    I’m sending you and everyone in the path of Alex, good thoughts,

    Stay safe and be well,


  20. Fabulous photographs. Great dishes. Have a wonderful weekend.


  21. So nice, Bonnie! I want to know more about how you made that golden, delicious looking fish and the strawberry avocado salsa. Otay?
    Hope you guys are well and that Texas wears through the storm. Cauldron Boy is flying into Dallas on Sat-hope it’s okay by then. I’m actually really worried about it…

  22. Everything looks fabulous!

    Be safe!


  23. You know what I like about your pictures? They’re fun and inspiring. They make me want to play with my food.

  24. The prettiest post ever and has me dreaming of fresh berries. Hoping Alex passes and everyone is safe.

  25. What a fabulous collection of recipes! The orange yogurt tart looks like heaven!

    Our prayers are with you and your family–stay safe!

  26. pictures are so good ! love the salsa..

  27. I know all about hurricanes and my prayers go out to you and those in its path … gonna go back and take a look at those wonderful foods…love them all and great photos…blessed 4th to you and yours

  28. Stay safe chica and in the meantime I will ogle these fabulous recipes.

  29. Total inspiration! What amazing photos!!! You have such a great eye for detail.

  30. I love that heart inside the flour! So cute :)

  31. Such beautiful stunning dishes.

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