Cinnamon Grapefruitade


My hubby owns, no take it back..owned a pair of shorts that I tenderly took captive.

I’ve had them for about 3 yrs.

They have dreamy drawstrings that I pull to get that exact fit.

I wear them when we watch our favorite basketball team, play board games or when I watch romance movies (alone with a bottle of wine).

They make me feel warm, fuzzy and comfy.

This Cinnamon Grapefruitade made me feel the same way, except it lacked drawstrings. Enjoy! Sweet Life

Cinnamon Grapefruitade

serves 4

Food Network Magazine

June 2010

Make 2 cups simple syrup adding 4 cinnamon sticks before heating.

Let cool then pour into an ice filled pitcher.

Stir in 2 cups each fresh grapefruit juice and water and some raspberries.



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    Oooh, cinnamon and grapefruit! I bet that is a wonderful combo. I just enjoyed a spritzer of rosemary-infused grapefruit juice at a restaurant. Now, I can’t wait to try making it at home.

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    Throughout our years together, Hubby has accused me off stealing some of his favourite shirts…I say too bad…especially since I’m in charge of the laundry ;o)

    Cinnamon and grapefruit sound interesting enough for me to try it out…thanks for the idea Bonnie.

    Ciao for now,

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    hi hi i thought i’m the only one that takes over her husband’s clothes. i have two t-shirts i officially declare mine
    your drinks sound refreshing, cinnamon and grapefruit, what a great combo. thanks for sharing

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    some how it would only be fitting to tie a cord (drawstring) around your glass… Grapefruit with Cinnamon – I think it’s a perfect Texan drink

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    Mmm I love grapefruit juice and the addition of cinnamon sounds just perfect. As do those dreamy drawstrings. Nothing like a good pair of comfy shorts.

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    How fun…I’m actually wearing a pair of my husband’s pants that I’ve officially made my own. So comfy! Thanks for sharing this tasty drink, sweet girl! I hope you are having a splendid Saturday night. Take time to relax and rejuvenate tomorrow. Hugs from Austin!

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