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Celebrating Poteet, Texas Strawberry Festival

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I’ve decided to lay low this week. Catch up with my girls, enjoy Holy Week and tie up any loose ends for our Easter party. 

Hubby models the walk about cups ($3) sold at the festival.  A chilled cup of strawberries to help beat the Texas heat.   

I did want to leave you with stunning pictures of our trip to Poteet, Texas, but sadly there was very few.  In fact my camera was securely attached to my neck the entire day, but as soon as this girl purchased her first round of strawberry shortcake it all went down hill.  Notice I said first? 

I couldn’t imagine handling my beloved camera with streams of red juiciness trickling down my face.  I made a executive decision to clock out of my blogger duties and have fun.  I did! I had an amazing time with my family.  The kiddos, five in total spent every ounce of their energy on the rides with hubby and sister in tow.  My Mom and I happily sat out the rides and enjoyed strawberry lemonade.

I did manage to do a little shopping in efforts to pull together a little prize package for one of my loyal readers.  Let’s keep it simple comment for an entry or tweet for an extra.  Inside your prize pkg you will find the Poteet, Texas Food Show Cookbook, Strawberry Huajilla Honey and other goodies I picked up at the festival. Heads up to all my bakers, this cookbook oozes baked sweets.  Good Luck, Winner announced Monday!!     

I also walked away with a pallet of local strawberries for $16.  Here is two tasty edibles that have graced my table.     

Strawberries with requeson.  Requeson is very similar to ricotta cheese.  Spread on whole wheat toast add a drizzle of agave and pile on your berries.   

 Mashed strawberries, papaya and yogurt with a sprinkle of pepitas. 

 Have a wonderful week!! Sweet Life

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55 Responses to Celebrating Poteet, Texas Strawberry Festival

  1. sounds like a great time at the festival. love the photos!!

  2. Wow! You had me at requeson. Great post! I’m glad you had fun!

  3. Such beautiful photos…sounds like such a fun festival :)

  4. I went to the Poteet Strawberry Festival when I was a kid!!! I just now remembered. First time I ever went up in a helicopter. Awesome.

  5. The strawberries on the ricotta looks absolutely droolworthy!
    HOpe you are having a fab Easter Weekend.
    *kisses* HH

  6. I love your use of agave, especially as I have a large bottle…..great inspiration. Happy Easter!

  7. a strawberry festival sounds like great fun.

  8. I just enjoyed some Poteet berries the other day. So sweet and delicious! They look amazing with the requeson too. Happy Easter!

  9. Hey!! I love poteet, texas…we visit often. Wonderful pictures

  10. found your site recently and I love you recipes!! following your blog, thanks for the wonderful recipes!!

  11. tweeted!! love your site!!

  12. tweeted

  13. Great giveaway!! tweeted

  14. Woot for the festival!

  15. Hi Bonnie – such dreamy strawberry photos!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter.

  16. Well Bonnie…good for you on making the right decision…blogging duties can certainly wait…it’s not going anywhere. Your girls on the other hand are growing up fast and soon they’ll have to make decisions and hopefully follow your great example ;o)

    Btw…I love that 3rd photo…very unique capture.
    Have fun…Happy Easter and a hug,

  17. Nothing beats local berries, tweeted!

  18. I have always wanted to try requeson. I would love this for breakfast.

  19. My wife loves Poteet, Texas we visit often and enjoy the festival every year!

  20. tweeted, how fun!!

  21. We lived pretty close to Poteet, Texas and I loved their berry season. thanks for the memories!!

  22. great givaway!! The first picture is goregous, thanks for sharing

  23. Happy Easter to you and your family! Those strawberries look awesome! I might make a run over to Marble Falls to pick some berries on Saturday if I can get someone to go with me! Nothing like strawberry shortcake on Easter!

  24. I love how when you are laying low, still leave us with such stellar food thoughts – I can’t help drooling over your strawberry concoctions and since I love all food festivals, I leave you with a tinge of envy :)

    Happy easter Bonnie to you and your Darling family!

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  25. Simple request indeed and one I am all over! You know I love my strawberries and if I hadn’t been so busy last weekend I would have gone to that festival too! Your pictures are magazine perfect and I so would love to win this giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed and lucky you for sipping on strawberry lemonade. one of my favorite all time drinks (reminds me of my childhood)~!

  26. You are making me wish I had a carton of strawberries in my fridge! These look so good! I’ve got to get to this festival next year. Thank you for sharing your sweet fruit treats tonight. I hope that the end of your week is full of peace and joy. Your words make me smile, week after week!

  27. Reading the phrase “a chilled cup of strawberries” just gave me goosebumps. It’s cold and rainy here now, but that phrase immediately transported my mind to the middle of summer. Thank you!

  28. Gorgeous berries… Ours don’t usually ripen ’til June, I can’t wait.
    Glad you’re enjoying your week and the Texas heat :)

  29. Love that cup full of berries! Mmm, so glad you had such a great time with your family!

  30. love the first picture, great color!!

  31. great giveaway!!

  32. tweeted

  33. I love poteet, texas we visit every year!!

  34. love your site, thanks for the giveaway!!

  35. Oooh…I love these pictures. Somehow the bright colour of strawberries always cheers me up :D Can’t wait for the season to be here. Would love to go strawberry picking.

  36. These strawberries look magnificent. I have never heard of requeson but it sounds nummy with that agave. I am glad you took time for your family and put blogging aside for them.

  37. I couldn’t be happier that strawberries are now in season again. I look forward to this time every year. And your photos are making me want to head to my fridge for my stash right now.

  38. great giveway!!

  39. I love texas festivals…a pallet of berries..how yummy!!


  40. me me I wanna win!! I love festival cookbook!!


  41. OH my goodness, I cannot believe those berries are completely red. Even in the summertime, not all of my berries from the supermarket are completely red. Magic berries. Your hubby’s a great model–happy easter!

  42. Whee! I love strawberries. Oh, and reading Poteet, Texas reminds me of one of the ladies on “Designing Women” whose last name was Poteet. Ha!

  43. Wow! these strawberries look like they actually taste good! Love that sandwich and the cheese is knew to me, one more thing to discover.

  44. I love strawberries and this look amazing! Love the pictures! gloria

  45. I used to live near Poteet. I really miss the people, thanks for sharing

  46. sounds like so much fun, I wish i lived closer!!

  47. I would love to win a poteet giveaway!!


  48. Sometimes you just have to set the camera down and walk away ;). Sounds like a blast! I can’t wait ’til our strawberries start popping up and coloring the gardens.

  49. The pictures are awesome…so pretty…have a great week as well Bonnie :-)

  50. I hope you have a wonderful holy holiday! Your photos are beautiful; everything looks so yummy. I’ve never heard of Requeson cheese and that is what I love most about reading others blogs and learning new things!

  51. Oh Bonnie, those strawberries look amazing! We should be seeing ours in about a month. Can’t wait.

  52. Looks so yummy! Feels like June strawberries are so very far away on this yucky rainy cold day in Chicago… :(

  53. It sounds like you guys had SO MUCH FUN! I wish our strawberries here were quite that vibrant. Have a great week!

  54. I can’t wait to buy the firstSwiss strawberries!



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