Quinoa Salad


Quinoa (keen-wa) was once called “the gold of the Incas,” or “mother grain.” The Inca tribe turned to this ancient grain to increase the stamina of their warriors and believed the grain to be sacred. I like the Incas also believe Quinoa packs a powerful punch. The punch our body needs, craves and deserves. Weeks… 

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Apple Margarita

apple margarita 027

Last week we had exactly two days of Fall weather. Lows in the 60’s.  I threw open every window in our tiny apartment, shut off the AC and soaked in every ounce of crisp air.  In South Texas any day when the temperature falls below 90’s is a cause for celebration.  I had planned on celebrating with a batch of brownies. My… 

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Pepita Brittle

pepita brittle

Be it Fall, Summer or Winter you can always find pepitas in my pantry.  I love adding them to my salads, crushing them to coat chicken or for making pipian (mole).  But pepitas in brittle,  ahh makes my heart go pitter.. patter…  Enjoy!!


Tamarind Tequila Molleja

tamarind-tequila-molleja 1

This recipe was originally published on Multicultural Familia, Enjoy!   In Texas, molleja, or sweetbreads, can be found at every grilling event, slowly soaking in the flavors of mesquite or pecan.  In the case we should have a guest or family member visiting, we are forced to explain what is molleja? No, they are not brains…. 

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entomatdas 024

  Happy Monday!!  I am excited to have finally decided to give Sweet Life a much needed makeover.  Muchos abrazos y besos a Chantilly for giving my space a total over haul.  Her patience, dedication and knowledge helped ease my nerves during the complete process. Thanks amiga!! Enjoy!         Lightly fried corn tortillas dipped in a rich tomato sauce then filled with onion and… 

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Chocolaty Pumpkin Bars

chocolate pumpkin bars 055

    Hi guys! It’s Chuls, remember me?  It’s October aren’t you excited?  I can imagine all kids are pretty excited for Halloween. I mean who doesn’t love getting gobs and gobs of candy?  Anyways,  my mom suggests us kids try to eat healthy until the 31st.  I guess it’s not really that bad, because I did make these great… 

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