Crispy Broiled Shrimp with Tangy Cocktail Sauce


  Crispy Broiled Shrimp with Tangy Cocktail Sauce I was recently invited to Avery, Island to spend a few days meeting the fine folks of Tabasco. I along with a few food bloggers and cocktail bloggers all had the opportunity to meet the family, friends and employees who dedicated their life to making the sauce… 

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Arroz con Camarón Seco – Rice with Dried Shrimp

rice with dried shrimp 017

Arroz con Camarón Seco – Rice with Dried Shrimp   Nothing excites my 7 yr old daughter more than hotels and shrimp.  She loves weekend trips and even helps my husband chose the perfect place to lay her tiny head.  When we dine there had better be shrimp on the menu. Because a 7 yr… 

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Shrimp Tacos

shrimp tacos 019-1

  Shrimp Tacos Easy, bright, bursting with flavor and healthy is what I crave on the weekends. Shrimp tacos are one of the easiest meals I have in my arsenal for lazy weekends. Weekends should be lazy, breezy and delish don’t you think?  A quick marinade and even quicker relish are prepped. Sauté your shrimp, warm a… 

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Albóndigas de Camarón

albondigas de camaron shrimp meatballs 2 001-2

Albóndigas de Camarón   One of my childhood favorites Albóndigas are comfort in a bowl.  One of the many dishes my mom is known for. No one could resist her Albóndigas, even to this day the smell drives me to a state of giddy joy.  Growing up  she would make over sized Albóndigas for us kids. One placed in the center of a bowl swimming in a broth so flavorful the table hummed with the echo… 

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Homesick Texan Cookbook ~ Fried Shrimp

homesick texan fried shrimp 060

  I was raised in Aransas Pass, Texas along the Gulf Coast.   Home of the Shrimporee.  Home to great fishing, a quick ferry ride to Port Aransas and shrimp. My mother spent her summer vacation from the local school working at Gulf King Seafood Company.  Summer time meant shrimp.  Extra hours meant extra money, so many of the local women from town worked through the summer for extra… 

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