Strawberry Margarita

strawberry margarita 005

Sipping Saturday I set aside a few strawberries from my trip to Poteet, Texas to share with you one of my favorite margaritas.  Truthfully I love them all, but you can’t beat the taste of fresh strawberry juice on a hot, humid Texas night! Enjoy! Sweet Life!      


Carrot Margarita

carrot margarita 009

Sipping Saturday On Monday I filled 185 plastic easter eggs with goodies. On Tuesday I taped, glued and glittered eggs, bunnies and baskets with my girls. On Wednesday I ran to the store to pick up the perfect shade of purple my daughter just had to have for her Easter basket.


Frijoles Adobados

frijoles adobados 012

  A quick dinner, perfect for Lenten meals and just plain delicious frijoles adobados.  Frijoles de olla refried with chipotle chiles in adobo sauce add a spicy kick to your tostadas.    


Review : Small Batch Baking for Chocolate Lovers by Debby Maugans ~ Classic Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

small batch baking 028

  Hi everyone!! (waving) It’s me Chuls, stepping in for my mom today to review a new cookbook.  Small Batch Baking for Chocolate Lovers by Debby Maugans.  When my mom told me Debby was sending us a copy of her new book I was excited.  One of the first cookbooks’ my mom gave me as a gift was Debby’s… 

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Dulce de Jicama

jicama 019

Summer days spent in Mexico excited my older sister.  She loves candy.  Candy in all shapes, sizes, flavors and textures.  Visions of hot days spent lounging on my grandmother’s porch stuffing her face with candy and cold Mexican sodas gave her a rush.  In Mexico she would access to all her favorite candy; tamarindo,  dulce de… 

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