4th of July Paletas

4th og july paleatas 006

  Keep cool this 4th of July with a patriotic paleta. A tri-colored treat with an explosion of flavors.   Layers of strawberry, lemon and blueberry juice produce a sweet – tart- sweet celebration for your summer taste buds. Keep your guests refreshed with these pretty pops while you create magic on the grill or enjoy as the fireworks light up the sky! Enjoy!


Cherry Margarita

cherry margarita 031

Sipping Saturday A bulging  bag of ruby jewels arrived home with me on each of  3 trips to the grocery store this week.   My intentions for the first bag were to whip up my Saturday Margarita, that didn’t happen. Half -way into the second bag I felt another trip to the grocery store was in my future.  By the third bag… 

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Blackberry Peach Ice Cream

blackberry peach ice cream 011

  Summer has officially arrived!   As our time here in Edinburg, Texas begins to dwindle down, I realized this will be our last summer in the Rio Grande Valley.  I plan to make this summer one of  girls’ best before we begin the chore of packing to move home. Our days so far have included tennis lessons, play dates,  mid day movies,  tea parties and lazy reading at the… 

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Margarita, Margarita, Margarita


Sipping Saturday  This is the margarita that began my obession to create colorful cocktails for myself every Saturday.   I had thought of posting a round up of at the end of June, but this weekend is all about  “dad.” This weekend is Father’s Day and I along with the entire world will cater to the men we love, cherish and adore.  So this Saturday, I will give… 

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Paletas de Sandía

watermelon paletas 008

Our summers are made bearable with frequent trips to the beach laced with heavy doses of paletas, raspas and agua frescas.   My calendar officially states June 21 as the first day of summer.  Try explaining this to my kids, who crave roaming the beach in search of seashells.  On days that we cannot escape to the beach we cool off enjoying paletas. … 

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Mexican Brownies

mexican brownies 017

My daughter, Chuls has taken quite a shine to Aarón Sanchez.  She rooted for him on The Next Iron Chef and laughs at his antics on Chef versus City.  He became even cooler when she found out he was Zarela Martínez’s son.   When she spotted these brownies I knew mommy was in for a treat.    Did it phase her that these… 

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Honeydew Margarita

honeydew margarita 020

Sipping Saturday What could be more rewarding after a long week of business than to begin the weekend with a cooling margarita.  Honeydew is one of the coolest melons.  Don’t you think? A lime green pale rind gives way to a  juicy pale interior bursting with natural sweetness.  Slice, dice or chop any way you serve this melon it is sure… 

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Tequila Epazote Limeade

tequila epazote limeade 057

It’s Thursday. I’m currently up to my neck in Spanish course work. Maybe taking this class in the summer was not a great idea! After reviewing, reviewing and reviewing my paper for proper accents I finally hit submit.  Tequila Epazote Limeade. Enjoy!