Watermelon-Lime Soda


Watermelon-Lime Soda I’m heading to Frio this weekend with the entire familia to float down the river.  Enjoying the Frio river has become a yearly family tradition, a last hurrah for the kids before heading back to school. We’re hitting Frio a little late this year due to my travel schedule and a few kinks… 

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Pineapple-Lime Tequila Cooler

Pineapple Lime Tequila Cocktail from sweetlifebake.com

Pineapple-Lime Tequila Cooler Spring is here!  I can’t tell you how excited this Texan is spruce up her backyard, dust off the outdoor furniture and entertain outside again.  Nothing beats a day of feasting on great food with family and friends outside.  And of course we need a festive Spring cooler to sip on as… 

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Lime Flan

lime flan 003

  Lime Flan It has rained for the last three days.  I have transformed into different person accomplishing so many tasks that had fallen behind and with the rain, giving me reason not to leave the house. I have become efficient.  My girls on the other hand have sat through their entire holiday carton collection, filled an entire wall with Christmas art and… 

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Tequila Lime Dressing

tequila lime dressing 012

  At the moment I have 6 bottles of tequila in my pantry.   Six glorious bottles ready to aid in my need of a Saturday margarita.  The problem is only one has escaped my clutches. The others have dwindle down to only ounces, as a result of my Saturday margarita recipes. What’s a girl to do? Chunk the bottle, please. I would never… 

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Lime Ice Cream with Guayaba Cream and Pepita Brittle


This recipe was featured on New Latina.  I would like to thank all who stopped by and left wonderful comments and words of encouragement.  /em> Cooking for me is comfort.  A peaceful break from the busy world, motions that alleviate stressful times in my life or quiet moments to rejuvenate my soul. Cooking gives me the… 

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