Orange Passionfruit Bundt Cake


I have been having a ball playing with passion fruit in my kitchen. Widely popular in Latin kitchen this tiny fruit is refreshingly tart and becomes even sweeter when fully ripe.  I’ve made sweet syrup for a passion fruit cooler, used it in my morning smoothie and in this tantalizing Bundt cake. It seems lately I’m… 

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Orange Margarita Cupcakes

orange margarita cupcakes 008-1

  Orange Margarita Cupcakes I’m in Houston!! A quick trip to attend the Latism kickoff event and a wonderful chance to finally met a few of the people I chat with on a weekly basis. This guy I adore. He’s kinda like a long lost primo (cousin) my family neglected to mention.  One of the first Texans I connected with over… 

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Orange Persimmon Margarita

orange persimmon margarita 006-1

Orange Persimmon Margarita   Confession: The plan was to make a salad. This salad. I’m not sure when the salad plan went awry and the juicer came out. Funny how that happens. The outcome was gorgeous. I am simply in love with this shade of orange. Like sunshine in a glass..that you drink…mixed with tequila. This… 

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Roasted Grape Margarita

roasted grape margarita 1

 Roasted Grape Margarita 12 grapes or Las doce uvas is the tradition of eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight.  With each grape eaten you make a wish for the New Year.   This is one of my favorite family traditions.  A tradition bursting with hope for the New Year with a few final laughs… 

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