Slushy Watermelon Mojitos


 Slushy Watermelon Mojitos Holy sweet summer watermelons, love’m –can’t get enough of their juicy goodness.  In the last few days we, ahem ..I have consumed three watermelons, alone.  For breakfast, juiced or in my salad for dinner they almost seem to get juicer and juicer the more I eat them. I decided to freeze a… 

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Watermelon Cucumber Margarita

watermelon cucumber margarita 002

Sipping Saturday   Happy Weekend! It’s been extremely hot, humid and just plain sticky in the Rio Grande Valley. Keeping hydrated at all times is the key in surviving our current weather. Last week I shared one of my go-to aguas to help beat the summer heat.  Agua de pepino That day I made a huge pitcher and sipped the heat… 

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Paletas de Sandía

watermelon paletas 008

Our summers are made bearable with frequent trips to the beach laced with heavy doses of paletas, raspas and agua frescas.   My calendar officially states June 21 as the first day of summer.  Try explaining this to my kids, who crave roaming the beach in search of seashells.  On days that we cannot escape to the beach we cool off enjoying paletas. … 

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Watermelon Margarita

watermelon margarita 041

 Sipping Saturday This Sunday we are off to enjoy the Watermelon Festival in Donna, Texas.  I considered entering the seed spitting contest, but I decided to spare my kids the unnecessary embarrassment of watching their mom make a fool out of herself.   I think I’ll leave this event to the professionals.  In celebration of this event I bring you watermelon margaritas! Enjoy!     


Sweet Life Presents Texas Talent- Tony Anderson from What-A-Melon in Edinburg, Texas – Watermelon with Spicy Papaya


Happy Wednesday.  Welcome back to our second installment of Texas Talent with Tony from What – A – Melon.  Please enjoy another piece of my interview and a great recipe.  A tiny bite with a spicy punch, I bring you watermelon with spicy papaya.  More on the recipe a little later in the post, let’s enjoy our… 

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Sweet Life Presents Texas Talent – Tony Anderson from What-A-Melon in Edinburg, Texas – Watermelon with Roasted Peach Pepper Vinaigrette


Happy Monday to all and welcome to my second installment of Texas Talent, where I showcase talented Texans who live, love and work in the Texas food industry. Today I have the honor of interviewing Tony Anderson from What-A-Melon located locally here in Edinburg, Texas.  I knew the instant I tasted Tony’s wonderfully sweet watermelons, that I had to chat… 

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