Fresas Con Crema


  Hello my fellow food lovers, how was your weekend?  My weekend was tiredly busy- in a good way.  It always amazes me how I can be so busy with the girls’, cleaning, washing, picking up (the same toys), cooking only to realize that I have not left the apartment the whole week.  It’s sad I know, but… 

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Sweet Life Presents Texas Talent Part 3-Diana Barrios Trevino from Los Barrios In San Antonio, Texas-Cortadillo Zuazua and Spanish Rice-Enter to win your own copy


  Hello all another beautiful day, another two great recipes in our week featuring Diana Barrios Trevino from Los Barrios in San Antonio, Texas.  Today I feature a dish from the town of Zuazua in the state of Nuevo Leon.  Here is how Diana describes this earthy dish in her cookbook 


Sweet Life Presents Texas Talent-Diana Barrios Trevino from Los Barrios in San Antonio Part 2- Chalupas Con Crema and Los Barrios Salsa- Enter to win you own copy of Los Barrios Family Cookbook


  Yesterday began a week of sharing my favorite recipes from Los Barrios Family Cookbook and I also had the pleasure to chat with Diana about her love of cooking and her personal time spent with family.  Many of the recipes in this cookbook I found to be  perfect for our busy schedules, many of the ingridients are my basic staples… 

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Huevos a la Mexicana


Hello my loves, (what a  mouthful my title post) this week  I am honored to begin a showcase of  Texas Talent.   I hope to give you a glimpse into the lives of the Talented people who make Texas dining memorable.  Let’s celebrate this event together by cooking and sharing our love of food with our first guest.  This week I am excited to introduce  Diana Barrios from Los Barrios Restaurant from… 

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